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Simon makes goodness filled juices fresh every morning, and delivers them by bicycle to you, at your home, office or event.


Simon Says Sundays XI

Simon Fowler

Humans, for as long as we have been able to imagine and wonder, have looked upwards and outwards. The stars guide nomads and within their constellations hold fabled adventures, wishes and Hollywood's next blockbuster. Home to the Sun, we look to the heavens for warmth and life. We raise our glasses – “Cheers!” – to celebrate, commiserate and facilitate our desires to fornicate.

There was nothing half-assed about Edmund Hillary, Neil Armstrong or Amelia Earhart. These legendary daydreamers were born with a middle finger raised to the rules. Ours are the generations living in the wake of these benchmark setters and trailblazers.

Shoegazers and phonegawkers. Scholars of scrolling on dictating devices stealing away hours and days of wondering what actually interests me, and you, a stranger to me but only by name! What interests you? Adventures in knowing made easy by Google, but what adventures made history by being easy? Stimulated slackers, our trailblazing light now burns bright blue from our phones instead of from tales of our own. The torch was passed, but we dropped it to see who liked our photo last.

So what of OUR legacy? Things have to start looking up.

The signature look of a daydreamer (or kite enthusiast) is looking up. We came from out there, somewhere between what we know and what we don't. It's a great place to lay your eyes and let your imagination run amok. Your momentary lapse of physical presence. Your ticket to a life without boundaries; now, imagine that!

Simon Says Sundays X

Simon Fowler

Many moons ago a mentor told me, "Everything happens for a reason." Years later a slight spin on the optimist’s mantra led me to find peace in, "Where you are is exactly where you're meant to be." I occasionally drop in and out of my mantra, and that's cool because I'm no monk. Although the mantra is not always remembered, it makes it none less true.

Low energy weeks make for tough weeks. A weekend of next-level-bad-eating ignited a start to the week that left me feeling like a cassette on a record player. 

Funky energy days come and go, but funky weeks make the mantra a little foreign and muffled. The ego will tell you a busy life is inherently coupled with an urgency to accomplish and please, gradually raising the levels of expectation to achieve. And if you’re not meeting your own expectations, the potential for a busy mind to feel disappointed and compound low motivation with naughty eating is pretty high. Silly ego.

Finding moments in time to re-jig the station and to be honest with how you’re feeling is the best way to chill, listen to the body and shhh the mind. Your pace is yours. This is your experience. "You're exactly where you're meant to be."

Ahh, there you are...

It's Sunday, better food makes for better thoughts and I hereby resign from my newly appointed role of Mayor of Struggletown, at least for this week!

Simon Says Sundays IX

Simon Fowler

This week, I had a "Pulp Fiction divine intervention freak occurrence" moment. A cabbie ran a red light. It wasn't going slow. I felt air brush past my back tyre and all I could taste was the sinking silver in the bottom of my belly. I looked back and he was on his phone and in my mind, there's no way I should be writing this. The cab went THROUGH me. I went through it. How did you not just pulverise me? How am I not minced meat?

I wasn't shaken up, no jitters or nothing or sense that the cabbie needed to feel the retribution of my bike lock across his face. Just, appreciation. No anger, just Love. And believe me, you're hearing this from a volcano of a personality where feeling anything other than the extreme sensation to explode is a surprise.

I meet my baby in 6 weeks and I do what I love for 'work'. My girlfriend is the perfect amount of smart & sexy. This life is good, much better than a minced meat life.

I was inspired to call the people I love the most. Just to remind them of why I love them. You don't need an excuse to do this, but this seemed like as good a time than any. I caught my girlfriend and held back the tears because her voice could ring in Spring and it was better than good to hear it again even though it had only been a few hours since we spoke. My brother told me about his French toast recipe and his day of cuddling his pup, Arnie. I didn't catch my mother, but she'll find my voicemail. None of them knew about my close call, I listened more than I spoke; which is nice for a change.

I took a moment to find calm. I was living in a world where everything existed on a heightened level of appreciation, and it felt normal. I also found a cup of coffee and it was the sweetest I've had and nothing, nothing seemed so bad.

All we have is our health and the ones we love to share it with. Don't wait, make the call, send the message... remind someone you love them, make their day; it'll probably make yours too.

Simon Says Sundays VIII

Simon Fowler

'Thank You'.

Are there two greater words in the English language? 'Free Pizza'**, 'Star Wars' and 'I do' are all vying for the top spot, but as close as they come they will never quite surmount the value of a good ol' fashioned 'Thank You'.

They're two of the first words we're ever taught, equipping us with language to build bridges of communication, form relationships and grow bonds between us and our world. 'Thank You' builds respect, humility, mindfulness, helpful ingredients for a sturdy character. Because after all, isn't chivalry sexy af?!

But why is it important? 'Thank You' is a crisp high five yo! You're warmly hugging someone with your words. When given honestly, these two words inflate. They inspire and motivate. Ease pain. Lighten a load. Arouse. Nothing negative can come from expressing a 'Thank You' (although, male readers should note: if said after sexy time... no shovel is big enough bro).

Saying 'Thank You' can be difficult. Especially for millennials, who find these two words particularly rare. David Attenborough's last quest is to find a millennial mumble the two syllables. We're living in the age of 'me me me' and less 'us us us'. Social media inflates the facade that youth is forever and likes are life. What do we have to be thankful for if WE are the ones who are in control, our ego will tell us so.

A midlife crisis at 25 bought about a call to my mother. My mother advised me, "Never underestimate the value of saying 'thank you'." In Her opinion, the act of gratitude is as good a remedy to a rut as any.

As Simon Says Juice celebrates its third birthday, we are still humbled (and relieved) by every order received. And most definitely not least; we say thank you!



**'Free Pizza' potentially gaining ground on 'Thank You'.

Simon Says Sundays VII

Simon Fowler

Before we could swipe left or swipe right, poke or like, somewhere between dinosaurs and electricity, there were cultures who believed that if a man and a woman ate from the same beetroot, they took a loan out on a cave, got a sausage dog, and essentially fell in love!

Notable fornicators, the Romans, delighted in the belief that the beetroot inspired amorous feelings. Aphrodite's 'Goddess of Love' status wasn't enough. She ate beets to enhance her appeal. In fact, they were onto something – beetroots contain high amounts of boron, a trace mineral which increases the level of sex hormones in your body.

This savoury matchmaker has made its way back into modern day musings with its Pandora's box of health benefits. Behind the mythological mystique, this fiery vegetable just wants to help. Help your heart, help your muscles, help your sex drive. Help spark your consciousness with natural stimulants that promote feelings of wellbeing.

So whether you love or hate the beetroot; perhaps the next time a plate (or jar) of beets confronts you, it should be a case of “When in Rome…” 

Simon Says Sundays VI

Simon Fowler

The book of Genesis explains the rainbow as a promise between God and man. In Aboriginal beliefs, the Rainbow Serpent is the creator of life and giver of water. The rainbow for me first came in the form of a Paddle Pop.

Science tells us as rain settles, the sun's white light breaks through and is refracted by millions of tiny droplets, the mystical bridge lands and says, "Hayyyy look up from your phone and check my fabulisciousness!!"

As the suns shines from behind you, each droplet bounces light back at different angles. The colour your eye sees depends on the angle you’re viewing it from. So no single rainbow is ever the same for two people. Unless you’re 4'10” you’ll never see Danny DeVito’s rainbow.

The rainbow is proof that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and what you see isn't always what someone else gets. It offers itself to you in a way no one else does; and if that ain't the definition of love, I don't know what is!

Simon Says Sundays V

Simon Fowler

If the daily act of functioning is like trying to solve a rubix cube blindfolded in a deep pool of jelly, then you're probably feeling like this "brand" of "adulthood" is "shit". Before I was in a rush to grow up and turn adult, my happiest times were with my family. At the top of my pile of carefreeness were my grandparents and their mango empire! Every Sunday in Summer, endless mangoes were sacrificed! My Grandmother would hold the knife and we'd hold the smiles. I always thought it would be that way. Just us kids and our general aura of nonchalance. Alas, Neverland's postcode was false and we eventually started acting our age and not our shoe size. Adult-ing has its moments. Rolling through the memory bank with honest joy is one of them. No more "bedtime" is another. The mangoes might not be free anymore, but the memories always will be.

Simon Says Sundays IV

Simon Fowler

In both order and chaos, there are patterns. Patterns upon patterns leading to patterns influenced by patterns. Patterns rouse curiosity and beget desire. The eyes lead and the brain wanders the colossally intricate map work of the world around us. Our patterns tell stories and offer us a more intense feeling of the here and now. As you plod through your circadian rhythm, are you aware of your patterns? Any activity will become a pattern or habit if you repeat it often enough to create a new pathway in your brain. Hit snooze one time instead of ten. Scroll less and read more. Floss. You are the finer detail in an infinite pattern – your bad habits (and your dentist) dare you to break them!! 

Simon Says Sundays III

Simon Fowler

Timing is everything, and everything's in the delivery. So, instead of emptying your pockets and heart on someone else this Valentines Day, treat yo self. Touch base with your self worth and fall in love. Send yourself flowers and laugh at your own jokes. Shout yourself a meal and later, Netflix and Chill for one means dessert for your eyes only. Self love is super dooper important. If it's not, don't we just become what we think others want? And if they're just as unsure what they want?? It gets a little whack. Keep it simple yo. Love yourself as much as I love pizza, which is immeasurable.

Simon Says Sundays II

Simon Fowler

In 3 months, something BIG will happen to the Simon Says Juice family. Something so BIG, we've been inspired to start practicing positive visualisation: a bone fide manifestation tool that connects your mind’s imaginary power with your heart’s desire. Look into the future and see how awesome your future you is. It makes you feel awesome just thinking about being awesomer!!  At least that's what we’ve been getting out of it. So make like Yoda and give it a try – thank you for it, your future you will.

Simon Says Sundays I

Simon Fowler

We're doing as much living in the moment as possible! Perspective helps. Rocketing around the sun at 30km per second helps. Not really knowing what came before (where did we come from?) or what comes after (where are we going?) helps too. What we do in the middle part is up to us. At Simon Says Juice, we choose to experiment, we choose to ride bikes and we choose to love in bunches! It's good to make the middle count, like Fantails; they'd be second rate chocolate without the caramel. Be like caramel. Everyone loves caramel.