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Simon makes goodness filled juices fresh every morning, and delivers them by bicycle to you, at your home, office or event.

Simon Says Sundays X


Simon Says Sundays X

Simon Fowler

Many moons ago a mentor told me, "Everything happens for a reason." Years later a slight spin on the optimist’s mantra led me to find peace in, "Where you are is exactly where you're meant to be." I occasionally drop in and out of my mantra, and that's cool because I'm no monk. Although the mantra is not always remembered, it makes it none less true.

Low energy weeks make for tough weeks. A weekend of next-level-bad-eating ignited a start to the week that left me feeling like a cassette on a record player. 

Funky energy days come and go, but funky weeks make the mantra a little foreign and muffled. The ego will tell you a busy life is inherently coupled with an urgency to accomplish and please, gradually raising the levels of expectation to achieve. And if you’re not meeting your own expectations, the potential for a busy mind to feel disappointed and compound low motivation with naughty eating is pretty high. Silly ego.

Finding moments in time to re-jig the station and to be honest with how you’re feeling is the best way to chill, listen to the body and shhh the mind. Your pace is yours. This is your experience. "You're exactly where you're meant to be."

Ahh, there you are...

It's Sunday, better food makes for better thoughts and I hereby resign from my newly appointed role of Mayor of Struggletown, at least for this week!