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Simon makes goodness filled juices fresh every morning, and delivers them by bicycle to you, at your home, office or event.

Simon Says Sundays V


Simon Says Sundays V

Simon Fowler

If the daily act of functioning is like trying to solve a rubix cube blindfolded in a deep pool of jelly, then you're probably feeling like this "brand" of "adulthood" is "shit". Before I was in a rush to grow up and turn adult, my happiest times were with my family. At the top of my pile of carefreeness were my grandparents and their mango empire! Every Sunday in Summer, endless mangoes were sacrificed! My Grandmother would hold the knife and we'd hold the smiles. I always thought it would be that way. Just us kids and our general aura of nonchalance. Alas, Neverland's postcode was false and we eventually started acting our age and not our shoe size. Adult-ing has its moments. Rolling through the memory bank with honest joy is one of them. No more "bedtime" is another. The mangoes might not be free anymore, but the memories always will be.