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Simon makes goodness filled juices fresh every morning, and delivers them by bicycle to you, at your home, office or event.

Simon Says Sundays VII


Simon Says Sundays VII

Simon Fowler

Before we could swipe left or swipe right, poke or like, somewhere between dinosaurs and electricity, there were cultures who believed that if a man and a woman ate from the same beetroot, they took a loan out on a cave, got a sausage dog, and essentially fell in love!

Notable fornicators, the Romans, delighted in the belief that the beetroot inspired amorous feelings. Aphrodite's 'Goddess of Love' status wasn't enough. She ate beets to enhance her appeal. In fact, they were onto something – beetroots contain high amounts of boron, a trace mineral which increases the level of sex hormones in your body.

This savoury matchmaker has made its way back into modern day musings with its Pandora's box of health benefits. Behind the mythological mystique, this fiery vegetable just wants to help. Help your heart, help your muscles, help your sex drive. Help spark your consciousness with natural stimulants that promote feelings of wellbeing.

So whether you love or hate the beetroot; perhaps the next time a plate (or jar) of beets confronts you, it should be a case of “When in Rome…”