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Simon makes goodness filled juices fresh every morning, and delivers them by bicycle to you, at your home, office or event.

Simon Says Sundays VIII


Simon Says Sundays VIII

Simon Fowler

'Thank You'.

Are there two greater words in the English language? 'Free Pizza'**, 'Star Wars' and 'I do' are all vying for the top spot, but as close as they come they will never quite surmount the value of a good ol' fashioned 'Thank You'.

They're two of the first words we're ever taught, equipping us with language to build bridges of communication, form relationships and grow bonds between us and our world. 'Thank You' builds respect, humility, mindfulness, helpful ingredients for a sturdy character. Because after all, isn't chivalry sexy af?!

But why is it important? 'Thank You' is a crisp high five yo! You're warmly hugging someone with your words. When given honestly, these two words inflate. They inspire and motivate. Ease pain. Lighten a load. Arouse. Nothing negative can come from expressing a 'Thank You' (although, male readers should note: if said after sexy time... no shovel is big enough bro).

Saying 'Thank You' can be difficult. Especially for millennials, who find these two words particularly rare. David Attenborough's last quest is to find a millennial mumble the two syllables. We're living in the age of 'me me me' and less 'us us us'. Social media inflates the facade that youth is forever and likes are life. What do we have to be thankful for if WE are the ones who are in control, our ego will tell us so.

A midlife crisis at 25 bought about a call to my mother. My mother advised me, "Never underestimate the value of saying 'thank you'." In Her opinion, the act of gratitude is as good a remedy to a rut as any.

As Simon Says Juice celebrates its third birthday, we are still humbled (and relieved) by every order received. And most definitely not least; we say thank you!



**'Free Pizza' potentially gaining ground on 'Thank You'.