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Simon makes goodness filled juices fresh every morning, and delivers them by bicycle to you, at your home, office or event.

Simon Says Sundays IX


Simon Says Sundays IX

Simon Fowler

This week, I had a "Pulp Fiction divine intervention freak occurrence" moment. A cabbie ran a red light. It wasn't going slow. I felt air brush past my back tyre and all I could taste was the sinking silver in the bottom of my belly. I looked back and he was on his phone and in my mind, there's no way I should be writing this. The cab went THROUGH me. I went through it. How did you not just pulverise me? How am I not minced meat?

I wasn't shaken up, no jitters or nothing or sense that the cabbie needed to feel the retribution of my bike lock across his face. Just, appreciation. No anger, just Love. And believe me, you're hearing this from a volcano of a personality where feeling anything other than the extreme sensation to explode is a surprise.

I meet my baby in 6 weeks and I do what I love for 'work'. My girlfriend is the perfect amount of smart & sexy. This life is good, much better than a minced meat life.

I was inspired to call the people I love the most. Just to remind them of why I love them. You don't need an excuse to do this, but this seemed like as good a time than any. I caught my girlfriend and held back the tears because her voice could ring in Spring and it was better than good to hear it again even though it had only been a few hours since we spoke. My brother told me about his French toast recipe and his day of cuddling his pup, Arnie. I didn't catch my mother, but she'll find my voicemail. None of them knew about my close call, I listened more than I spoke; which is nice for a change.

I took a moment to find calm. I was living in a world where everything existed on a heightened level of appreciation, and it felt normal. I also found a cup of coffee and it was the sweetest I've had and nothing, nothing seemed so bad.

All we have is our health and the ones we love to share it with. Don't wait, make the call, send the message... remind someone you love them, make their day; it'll probably make yours too.